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Home is an unofficial fan site of the Dangermouse television shows.
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Formerly ClubDM


  So, is gone. I forgot to renew the domain name and let it lapse. Fortunately I've had this domain name for quite some time, so for the time being the old clubdm site design is sitting here temporarily for legacy and nostalgia purposes.
  The site is a bare skeleton, I'm afraid. Some links will work, others will not. I've re-activated The Danger Mouse Forum though, so feel free to re-register and help rebuild the DM Fan community once again.
  The site design as it is will probably stay put for a while. Yeah, it's long overdue for a redesign and I'll look into it some time in the future, but until then I have a busy life schedule to keep.


:: Cool Info (Late 2004) ::


Having your favourite hero on your mobile phone is now possible thanks to the addition of great ring-tones, wallpapers and now even a game!
Take control of DM as he rescues Penfold from the evil clutches of Greenback. Created by Ikkyou ( - demand it from your mobile network provider NOW!


:: News (August 2004) ::



CHF's entry in Manchester's Cow Parade, Danger MOOse, had it's ears stolen by vandals (probably in a drunken rampage). CHF's website reports that they are offering a reward for their safe return, and keep dropping odd hints about what the real DM's up to these days.


:: News (29 June 2004) ::

The world slates Danger Mouse...AGAIN!!!

Yep, A&E are out of the equation...for now. Have been informed they're not doing anything with the series despite a promising report from FM.
These guys really know how to disappoint fans!


:: News (5 April 2004) ::
USA DVD A Reality?

Well it's official! FremantleMedia have announced a deal with A&E Home Video to distribute titles from Thames.
Popular titles will include The Benny Hill Show, Monty Python, The Wind In The Willows and, of course, Danger Mouse.
Release dates are set for late 2004.
Click here for the full news article


:: Cool link ::

WWW.DEATHOFTHOUGHT.COM is proud to be affiliated with
- an unbiased free-speech website. Share your views, and others will listen.


:: Feature ::

The quest is on to showcase to the world the great talent that Danger Mouse fans possess!
Real soon, there will be a brand new section dedicated to displaying submissions of artwork, stories and other clever gizmos you can come up with.
So get your creative heads in gear! You can submit your work via The Danger Mouse Forum or by contacting the webmaster.


:: News :: (July/August 2003) ::


It's a sad time for avid Cosgrove Hall fans. The last remaining co-founder of the highly successful animation firm has followed in the footsteps of Brian Cosgrove and has retired from twenty seven years of loving service. Although we as fans appreciate the need to move on, Mark and Brian's influence over the company will indeed be dearly missed. We wish him all the best!


:: News (19th June 2003) ::
Visit the Danger Mouse Forum! THE DANGER MOUSE FORUM IS ONLINE! is proud to present The Danger Mouse Forum - a wonderful place to interact with other DM fans from around the globe. Join in the's free! Click Here!


:: News :: 


Manilow, who was a favourite real-life subject for jokes in Danger Mouse, suffered a nasty nasal injury in his own bedroom. It appears that the singer made a wrong turn in the middle of the night and collided head-on with with his bedroom wall.
"Too many hotels," Explained the star, famed for being a sex-idol to many middle-aged women, "I veered to the left instead of the right and slammed right into the wall! I may have to have my nose fixed and with this nose it's going to require major surgery!"
Can you imagine what kind of jokes would have erupted if this happened while DM was in production?


:: News (6 Apr 2003) ::


FremantleMedia have done it again! The 6th instalment in the PAL DVD series, Who Stole The Bagpipes? was released in march 2003. Containing the episodes Who Stole The Bagpipes?, Aaaaargh Spiders!, The Chicken Run, Tiptoe Through The Penfolds, Trouble With Ghosts, Nero Power, The Plague Of Pyramids and Alping Is Snow Easy Matter, the DVD is currently available from BLACKSTAR

(Many thanks to LeicesterHampster for the info!)


:: News (15 Mar 2003) ::


Yes it's true! I've finally managed to get the guestbook online! Please view/sign it HERE!


:: News (08 Mar 2003) ::

After contacting Cosgrove-Hall Films (CHF) about a rumour floating around the internet about plans to produce a Danger Mouse motion picture, they responded claiming that the rumour was simply not true and was sparked by an experiment with a CGI image of DM.

:: Full story HERE :: CHF Website HERE ::

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