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Club DM is an unofficial fan site of the Dangermouse television shows.
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There is no mistaking that ever so familiar theme tune with the Latin brass and the shrill female voice singing, “wherever there is danger he’ll be there…” But what exactly is all this loud music for? The following comical narrative at the beginning of an episode reveals a vital clue:

 “London. Home of commonwealth, commerce and culture. Home of the Elephant & Castle Association for the Restoration of Rounders with a Soft Ball, and the Wilsdon Green Underwater Skating Society. Home too, behind the innocent insignia of a pillar box in Mayfair, of Danger Mouse and Penfold – Fighters against evil and known only to the underworld as Danger Mouse and Penfold…. Hmm, sounds reasonable enough!”

 Ok, so we now know that the series is about a certain heroic rodent named Danger Mouse with a sidekick called Penfold. But that doesn’t tell us about what happens in each episode does it?

 Let me explain. Back in the 1980’s when I was a (very) young boy I found myself glued to the fingerprint-smeared glass screen of my television each day after school watching with fascination and awe a cartoon about a mouse who worked in the Secret Service. His name, as you may have already guessed, was Danger Mouse – a fantastic brainchild of children’s producer Brian Cosgrove (pictured).

Each episode marked an exciting and sometimes surreal adventure with our heroic rodent as he ran off with Penfold to fight the daily tyrants of evil forces plaguing the world that strangely no one else was able to defeat. Typically by the likes of Baron Silas Greenback, an over-eccentric toad who is on a constant quest to take over the world, employing many weird and wonderful technologies that he manages to finance and construct all by himself.

 Sounds childish, right? Well of course it is! This series, like all other cartoons (bar the select few), was created to entertain children. As a child you do not care about carefully conceived plots and stories. As long as the show was fun, humorous and highly addictive then it is a good show. Danger Mouse succeeded in all these fields, with an incredible international popularity to prove it.