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Club DM is an unofficial fan site of the Dangermouse television shows.
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About the webmaster

So you want to find out who I am? May I ask why?
Well anyway, here's some uninteresting information about me, a picture 
and some stupid anecdotes you really didn't want to hear about anyway.

Name: Aquila

Real name: Matt Marshall

Gender: Male (in case you didn't guess)

Age: 21

Height: 6'5"

Build: Mostly skinny with a slight pot-belly

Location: Cairns, Australia

Hobbies and interests: Loathes physical exercise but does it anyway. Danger Mouse. Avid multimedia whiz. Semi-professional TV/film production, Danger Mouse, audio engineering, song writing and Danger Mouse.

Marital status: Single (was engaged but prefers not to talk about that)

Occupation: Unemployed

Tell us an interesting achievement: Released 6 songs, three of which gained popular interest on local radio Fresh FM.

Give us a stupid anecdote: Ate a blade of grass at age 6 and got appendicitis.

Another stupid anecdote: erm... I caught a nasty stomach bug and vomited over 4 passengers onboard a plane bound for Quala Lumpur in 1998.

Go on...tell us one more: Once I staggered half-naked into the girls' dorm at a church camp in the middle of the night, thinking it was the guys' dorm. That is all you need to know, the rest is up to your imagination.

Why do you like Danger Mouse? I don't know really. I guess everyone has some childhood passion that never goes away. Danger Mouse must be mine.

Who would you share a coffee with? No-one. I don't like coffee.

You say you released some songs, where can we hear them? They're available for download at mp3.com.au/theaquila

Contact: Aquila