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Club DM is an unofficial fan site of the Dangermouse television shows.
FremantleMedia and their associated companies are not responsible for the content of clubdm.com and hereby disclaim any liability in relation to any content or services provided by or on clubdm.com


:: AUDIO ::

The theme tune that everyone remembers! Click on the bomb to hear it!

:: All samples are 22Khz 64Kbps mp3 files, click on the logos to hear ::

:: Highlights ::

Penfold, Shush!
Penfold, Shush!
I said Throttle not Bottle!
Throttle, not Bottle
Good job you only landed on your head!
Thought I had it that time!
I'm allergic to sudden death!
Allergic to sudden death
If I wasn't a coward I'd despise you!
Cor, rotten creep!
We're under a screw!
I think you mean 'attack'
I know you're in there!
We know you're in there!
I will close my trap! (what a good idea)
What a good idea!


:: More sounds ::

We are under a screw!

Stiletto gets his words wrong.
64.3K MP3

We could have had a day in Brighton!

Penfold wishes he was elsewhere.
64.7K MP3

I will close my trap!

Colonel K laughs at Greenback's poor choice of words.
78.4K MP3

I wonder if you could join me?

An inappropriate joke from Penfold.
49.2K MP3

Copper knickers!!!

What was the name of that mountain?
154K MP3

I promise to do my best with my...thingamibob!

Can you remember your scout's honour?
114K MP3

Penfold mind my....arrrgh!!!

Poor DM gets his fingers crushed.
30.1K MP3

Good job you only landed on your head

DM makes a joke of Penfold's misfortune.
44.5K MP3

Claims for carpet-elbow cannot be entertained

The narrator, in his typical pessimistic mood.
92.3K MP3

We know we're here!

DM explains to Penfold an Irish location joke.
58.8K MP3

Well I am very popular...

Penfold interrupts DM's narration.
102K MP3

We know you're in there!

39.4K MP3

Penfold, shush!

DM's famous catch-phrase.
13.1K MP3

Halfway between Makingham Cross and Ungainly Manor

Where's Puttenham Down? The answer lies here...
58K MP3

The machine is revolting!

Another tongue-in-cheek from Stiletto.
32.7K MP3

If I wasn't a coward I'd despise you!

Shameless attempt at a threat from Penfold.
43.1K MP3

Are you there?

Sarcasm from DM.
45.6K MP3

Could you see further than the end of your nose?

Penfold defends his dignity against DM.
102K MP3

I'm allergic to sudden death

An allergy we all suffer from.
38K MP3

I wonder what happened to the other three-quarters?

Nobody likes a smart-alec!
68K MP3

Throttle, not Bottle!

Another mis-hearing from Penfold.
54.1K MP3

That's not how they speak in Birmingham is it?

Alien dialogue confuses our two heroes.
145K MP3

That's a Timberwolf - it barks a lot

Would you laugh at a timberwolf?
60.7K MP3

My feet are killing me

Penfold clearly doesn't like walking.
32.3K MP3

Good show, what?

Old-English slang confuses Penfold and Buggles Pigeon
63.1K MP3

Has the world gone mad?

Colonel K thinks DM is his secretary.
126K MP3


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