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Club DM is an unofficial fan site of the Dangermouse television shows.
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:: Danger Mouse ::

Real Name: Unknown

The star of the show. Dubbed as the greatest secret agent in the world, this debonair little rodent knows when to keep his cool in times when it is needed the most!

His real identity unknown, Danger Mouse is also known as DM and Chief. Dressed in a white jumpsuit and sporting a red DM badge, a belt and an eye-patch which no-one is entirely sure if it is real or not.

Catch Phrase(s):
'Penfold, Shush!' and 'Good Grief!'

:: Penfold ::

Real Name: 
Wilbraham Keith Benedict

Danger Mouse's bumbling sidekick. Undoubtedly a perfect opposite to DM, this little fellow isn't the brightest ray of sunshine and always manages to fail everything without trying.

A self-confessed coward, The little hamster  has sworn to be a faithful assistant to DM but despises being dragged along to the many and frequent dangerous confrontations. He brings a whole new meaning to Incompetent.

Catch Phrase(s):
'Oh Crumbs!'

:: Colonel K ::

Real Name: Category Delta Plus

The boss. Always in contact with DM to assign him to his next mission. His position in the service is marked by his achievements over the years.

Old age seems to be catching up with this guy though, causing him to frequently forget what he is talking about and has a tendency to out-speak himself.

Catch Phrase(s):
None to speak of, but sometimes mutters "Good show, what?"


:: Baron Silas Greenback ::

Real Name: 
Greenback is, apparently, his real name!

DM's arch enemy. If DM has nothing to do he can always count on Greenback's eternal efforts to rule the world.

Quite possibly the world's richest toad, he is always devising clever and sinister plans to render himself as emperor, constantly vowing with a hoarse voice to destroy DM.

Catch Phrase(s):
None really, just a sinister cackle.

:: Stiletto ::

Real Name: Nasaccio Mafioa Cornetto

Greenback's Henchman. Always required to do the dirty work for Greenback, he is usually the greatest threat to DM.

With his roots deep in the Italian Mafia, this crow is rarely afraid of any consequences with his attempts to exterminate DM. 

Catch Phrases:
"Si, Barone"

:: Nero ::

Real Name:
Emperor Nero the Second of Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Don't let this cute little caterpillar fool you! He is a devoted pet to Greenback and is known to get vicious if threatened.

Nero and Greenback share a special bond and seem to only understand each other.

:: Count Duckula ::

A vampire duck. The only enemy DM seems to get along with.

Although working alongside Greenback, this duck is always negotiating his sinister ways with DM in an attempt to get on TV. Naturally, after a few years he got his wish and began a successful career starring in the aptly-named hit cartoon,
Count Duckula