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Club DM is an unofficial fan site of the Dangermouse television shows.
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:: Fun and interesting facts ::
1) In many of the countries, DM's name remained the same. But Penfold's often changed. Some of the variations were Penaforte in Spain and Lbke in Germany.

2) The show first aired on Nickelodeon in 1984-87 and returned from 1991-94. Both times the show was a major hit, jumping into the network's top ratings.

3) It was also the first British cartoon to be syndicated coast-to-coast in the US.

4) The first pilot episode has yet to be found. It was "put some place safe" (i.e...lost).

5) The second pilot was titled "The Mystery of the Lost Chord" which was later rewritten as the episode "Who Stole the Bagpipes".

6) In the pilot, DM sounded like James Bond and Penfold was Welsh.

7) The show was originally intended to be a more serious spy cartoon, but Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall had become stuck. It was Mike Harding who gave them the idea of making the show silly. As he puts it, "The characters had got stuck in reality and were doing James Bond type things rooted in the solid real world. I argued that once you invented a Mouse Secret Agent then all of creation and a good chunk of not creation was his oyster. In other words we could be as barmy (crazy) as we wanted." - from The Official Mike Harding Web Site

8) The tails of the main characters were not drawn to cut down on cost. (Why make a separate set of cels for just a tail movement?) The only characters to have tails were Buggles Pigeon who used his in flight and characters who only showed up in one episode.

9) The creators decided to use white for both DMs fur and outfit because the paint was inexpensive.

10) Stiletto's name refers to a sharp Italian dagger.

11) Stiletto's accent was changed from Italian to Cockney for the American airing at the request of Nickelodeon. The network feared that the Italian mob stereotype might offend certain viewers.

12) The character of Count Duckula first appeared in the episode "The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse". He later went on to star in his own cartoon show.

13) Many fans seem to know of at least one person who looks like Penfold. This is usually a professor.

14) Marvin Kitman of "Newsday" is quoted as having said, "Danger Mouse is not just a cartoon show. It's a way of life, a religion..."

15) Some of the characters, such as Jones the Dragon, were hard for Americans to understand due to the accent.

16) Danger Mouse ranked third on the Top 100 Children's TV on British TV, after The Simpsons and The Muppet Show.

17) There are many rumors about how DM lost his left eye, but no information was given in the series. In fact, very little about the characters was ever flushed out by the creators, making the show very fun for fan-fic writers.

18) Though CosgroveHall originally created and produced the series, due to a legal issue the copyright on the characters is now owned by Thames/Pearson Television International Ltd (now Fremantle Media).

19) There were a great deal of Barry Manilow jokes on the show.

20) A comic strip of the cartoon originally features in the magazine Look-In. The show was later given five annuals, a number of individual story books, and a segment in the Marvel comic Count Duckula.


NB: These facts are from the Animated Lust website. I can not guarantee that all are true.