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Mobile Phone Game - Penfold's Peril

:: Review ::

Well! This has taken an extraordinary amount of time to review (mostly due to time constraints) but I've eventually done it!

It all started early 2004 when I received an email from Ikkyou telling me that they were licensed to produce the official Danger Mouse mobile phone game and asked for a review. 
"Cool", I thought and wandered off to purchase a compatible mobile phone just so I could download it, discovered I couldn't use WAP on the phone, subsequently had a legal dispute with my phone company and eventually found a way to temporarily enable WAP on my phone so John patiently sent me a copy and for the past couple of months I've been testing the game meticulously. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it, so here's what I think of it:

Starting up the game you're greeted by a dark and moody intro screen, located in DM's pillarbox. The storyline is devilishly simple: Greenback has infiltrated the pillarbox and kidnapped Penfold, turning him into a zombie. In order to rescue poor Penfold, DM must embark on a journey to retrieve a potion to save his friend.

Ok so the game starts and DM appears on a top platform. You must collect enough fuel cells to open the door to the next level. The first thing I noticed is when you press a button to move, DM will not stop running. You have to counteract his motion by pressing in the opposite direction to stop. Well that certainly made the game trickier to master, but is definitely a bigger challenge than the controls of most other platformers.

Running around the levels I encountered a couple of characters. The first guy you'll meet is a critter who looks like a post man. Don't get too close or he'll kill you. I couldn't find any way of killing him so he should be avoided at all costs. Then there's Penfold. Remember now, he's a zombie and will also kill you, so steer well clear of him.

In the typical platformer style, there are a number of obstacles to be conquered like boxes to jump over, ladders, elevators and travelators. Oh, and enemies are also capable of manoeuvring around obstacles too, so don't go thinking you're safe waiting halfway up a ladder.

In terms of difficulty, I was stumped! I simply could not get past level 3 no matter how hard I tried. Maybe I don't have the gift of being able to master computer games, or my phone doesn't have the best number pad to play it with. Either way, it's still an entertaining little game. Great for sitting on the train to work, waiting in a meeting, or getting nostalgic with friends over.

Well recommended! Demand it from your local mobile outlet today!!!

(nice level of detail)

(sound quality varies from different handsets)

(unusual controls that will either challenge or annoy)

(nothing spectacular by today's standards, but justifies DM really well considering the only other DM games ever made were for 20-year-old computers)